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Pawtucket, RI

Level Exchange® is a content creation studio and publishing company dedicated to solving issues faced by local artists and content creators in small markets. Our first studio will be opening in Pawtucket, RI during 2018. In-house services include: demo recordings, video production, photography, and marketing services. The content is available at affordable prices that are virtually non-existent outside of the LX studio. The content creators we work with are among the best available in Rhode Island.


To aggregate value for local artists and content creators through matchmaking. In doing so, artists will be equipped with content necessary for the marketing of their work and creators will be subject to a greater volume of jobs.


Our vision is to create exposure for local artists and showcase their talent as a means to accelerate their careers as musicians as well create positive associations between their success and the market in which they originated.

The Level Exchange® team is made of Rhode Island natives who are excited to demonstrate the potential of this model in the city of Providence.  

Fractured Atlas

Level Exchange® is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. They are the country’s largest arts fiscal sponsor, they provide accessibility, efficiency and affordability. They work with thousands of artists and arts organizations to provide education and support for raising funds. To learn more about Fractured Atlas, click here

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Level Exchange® and its chief Lindsey Lerner worked with the PVDFest team to create opportunity for local music during PVDFest Sunday and I want to say a big THANK YOU!

She worked independently and with an incredible positive energy. In the chaos of getting Saturday off the ground, I did not spend enough time thanking and promoting Level Exchange for the great work Lindsey is doing for the music scene.

Please check out these shows, they are an important part of PVDFest and what we are trying to do, in broadening opportunity for local artists.
Lindsey Lerner is one to look out for, and I am looking forward to more collaboration.
Thanks again, Level Exchange!
— Love, Your friends at ACT City of PVD | Office of Arts Culture & Tourism
“Lindsey Lerner is one of the most motivated, hard working people I’ve ever met. Most creative people have the talent, but many lack the drive. Lindsey prides herself on thinking of new and innovative ways to solve problems, and she never backs down from a challenge. She has connected hundreds of musicians, businesses and artists, thus creating thriving networks of people who can take advantage of much-needed mutually beneficial relationships. As a musician, I recognize the need for good, creative networking. When people ask me if I know someone, Lindsey’s name is usually the first one that pops into my head. “Lindsey will find someone for you,” is a statement I have said on more than one occasion. I have seen Lindsey get nervous, and I have seen her afraid that she bit off more than she could chew by taking on a newer, riskier endeavor. But she always prevails, and she never backs down. Lindsey is a bold creative force, and I know she will work harder than anyone I know to achieve any goal set in front of her.”

— Jen Janet | Singer/songwriter and vocalist of hard rock band, Blind Revision
Lindsey Lerner and her colleagues at Level Exchange® are not only competent, but they are willing to be flexible as well. When I came to them with a request for assistance with the promotion of my piece Queen Boudicca a Metal Opera at the RISD Auditorium last year we were able to put together a compelling publicity effort. Lindsey and her associates, at my request, secured an interview in the Providence Journal, an article in Motif magazine, performances at two separate Waterfire events in Providence, Radio spots on WHJY, as well as employing her street teams at the area Colleges, and other Metal themed events in the vicinity. Lindsey and the others at Level Exchange take their commitment to their clients seriously!
— Bob Schlink | Queen Boudicca Metal Opera/Berklee Professor

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